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ALFARES (Zouhbi Brothers Co.) is a pharmaceutical company specialized in manufacturing, producing and promoting human pharmaceutical products.The main company’s mission is Customer satisfaction . It was established in 1991 according to the Syrian investment law - No.10, and started production in 1998. Since that, ALFARES has been one of the Syrian’s highest pharmaceutical companies and has got a good proven reputation in terms of production and sales.
Customer satisfaction is our main mission.
Our trained staff is our real capital asset and the mean to achieve the future of development,
credibility, quality and uniqueness.
ALFARES causes the change.
ALFARES has its own advanced and well equipped factory and it is seeking to upgrade the local pharmaceutical products. Starting from this aim, It established a new laboratory for research and development.
ALFARES is following and respecting the cGMP rules and regulations during its all processes and steps of production. It has been certified a (GLP & cGMP verification certificate) By The Ministry of Health – Syria in 1996 and a (cGMP – EU-GMP verification certificate) By S.G.S in 1998. Also, ALFARES
certified ISO 9001:2000 certificate, ISO 14001:1996 certificate and OHSAS 18001:1999 certificate that are recognized the company’s reinforced efforts and its conformance to the international standards in designing, manufacturing and sailing human pharmaceutical products in the form of:
• Liquid dosage: Syrup and Susp.
• Solid dosage: F.C.Tablets, Capsules, Dry Powder and Sachets.
• Semi solid dosage: Gel, Cream and Ointment.

Valid  certificates
ISO 9001:2000
ISO 14001:2004
OHSAS 18001:1999


ALFARES has got "AL Bassel Award For Pharmacologic Science" for developing two new analytical methods to calibrate Vit. E and Ibuprofen in their pharmaceutical forms. Also, it has got "AL Bassel Award For Pharmacologic Science" for development of cleaning validation procedure for production equipment in the pharmaceutical industry.
The work team of the company is high qualified and consists of 200 employees (doctors, pharmacists, chemical analysts, medical representatives, etc.).

1. The company’s staff is its real capital assets.
2. Preparing healthy work environment and choosing the staff carefully based on equal opportunities.
3. Planning, training and coaching, directing, leading and performance appraisal are our main priorities to develop our work and workforce.
4. Working in team spirit and creating an encouraging atmosphere (encouraging the staff) for discussion, creativity, taking initiatives and positive competition.
5. Motivation by rewarding, punishing and evaluating the individuality in skills and results.
6. Creating a leader staff to be able to take responsibility and make decision through delegation.
7. Offering services, support and medical care to the staff in order to make them feel comfortable and safe and to improve their performance.
8. The company ensures the privacy of its staff.
9. Devotion to work, faith (believe) in loyalty to the company and maintaining its properties and reputation inside and outside it.
10. Honoring the mission of pharmaceutical industry by ALFARES staff to be its real ambassadors.
11. Respecting the legislation and developing our management and quality systems to assure that quality is our method in life (way of life).
12. Focusing our new resources on critical points in our procedures.
13. Our R & D Lab. (Research and Development Lab.) aims to develop the quality of our products, not to make it less expensive.
14. Making ALFARES products the first choice in the medical field for having the best quality.
15. We have to be proud to sell the best products.

ALFARES cooperates with the following laboratories:
• M.O.H quality control labs.
• Faculty of Pharmacy labs.
• National Organization for water supply labs.
• Industrial Consultation Center.
The M.O.H achieves all the Pharmaceutical products by submitting the following tests:
• Physical, Chemical, and Microbiological tests for Active and Inactive Ingredients.
• Physical, Chemical, Microbiological, and Pharmacological tests on the finished products.
• Release of the first and second batches of every product.
• Release of every batch for the cardiology drugs.
• Tests on randomly collected samples from outlets in the private market.
Performed processes in our Quality laboratories are statistically controlled through control charts.
R & D:
R & D team cooperates with different scientifical community inside and outside Syria.
I.e. :
• Collage of Pharmacy - Damascus University.
• Syndicate of Pharmacy.
• Scientific Council for National Pharmaceutical Industries - Syria.
• National laboratory for Titration - Syria.
• Industrial Consultant Center - Syria.
ALFARES is corporate with Toxicology and Pharmacology department and Medical Chemistry Department at Saarland University – Germany.
Contract Manufacturing:
The special contract manufacturing service of ALFARES Pharmaceuticals Co. offers the latest in pharmaceutical manufacturing technology.
We can provide:
 1. Well equipped and approved factory specializing in the production of Tablets, Film Coated Tablets, Hard Gelatin Capsules, Dry Powder, Liquids, Creams, Ointments, and Gel.
2. Facilities for single and multi-batch production daily up to 3'200'000 Tablets, 384'000 Capsules, 300 kgs of semi solid dosage forms and 2000 liters of liquids.
3. Flameproof capability for manufacturing and packaging of liquids.
4. Packaging facility offering flexibility and choice, designed to provide exactly what the customer requires.
5. Quality assurance department is offers stringent testing to comply the customer and GMP requirements.
Already, we work with seven local factories on contract manufacturing basis.

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