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for Diabetic Patients
General Recommendations for Diabetic Patients:
Diabetes is a common, controllable, life-long condition. To stay healthy when you have diabetes, here is what to do:
- Follow your meal plan.
- Follow your exercise and activity routine.
- Take your medicines as directed.
- Test your blood glucose regularly. Test more often when you are sick. Keep your blood glucose as close to normal as possible. Self-test numbers should be 80 to 140. A1c test should be less than 7 percent.
- Keep your blood pressure near normal. Try to keep it under 130 / 80.
- Keep your blood fats (cholesterol and other blood fats) near normal. Normal cholesterol is under 200.
- Do not smoke.
- Avoid drinking alcohol.
- Lose excess weight.
- Check your feet and skin daily.
- See your doctor regularly for:
- blood tests
- urine tests
- foot exams
- dilated eye exams
- blood pressure checks
- Get a flu shot every year.
- Keep updating your diabetes education.

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